The 10 Most Popular Programming Languages, According To Github

GitHub is the most popular platform for code management and sharing. It is the home to software code worked on by a total of more than 31million users from all over the world working in as many as 337 programming languages. Looking at how much GitHub has grown over time, I can boldly say that GitHub is here for the long haul. While JavaScript rules HackerRank’s list of top programming languages, Python took out the top place in the Tiobe index for 2018. Unlike JavaScript, Python is widely taught in universities, and is also popular for machine learning, scripting, web programming, and scientific computing. One of the most exceptional programming languages for developers, Java, is still applicable to the community like it was years ago.

most popular coding languages 2018

So, if you’re thinking that you’d want to create apps for Apple products, be sure to check out this language. A real benefit of learning Swift has to do with the current popularity of Apple. You can be sure that these products are going to be in-demand for the long-run and that makes it more profitable for Rapid Application Development you as a developer. On top of that, this language is also easier for beginners to learn. Not only is it easily readable, it is also a statically typed language. Basically, that means that the environment that you type your code in, known as Xcode, will help identify and track errors you might’ve missed.

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

The practice of data science requires the use of analytics tools, technologies and programming languages to help data professionals extract insights and value from data. A recent survey of nearly 24,000 data most popular coding languages 2018 professionals by Kaggle revealed that Python, SQL and R are the most popular programming languages. Additionally, 3 out of 4 data professionals recommended that aspiring data scientists learn Python first.

Because of these reasons, most developers are accepting JavaScript, once seen as an out of work programming language for new open-source contributions. With a boost in the momentum of receiving JavaScript, it is today considered as one of the most popular programming languages in 2021. Here are the most popular programming languages of 2021 as per GitHub. We have researched on a diverse range of development forums, discussed with programming specialists, and reviewed Github communities to explore this list.

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Below mentioned top 10 most popular programming languages are in high demand to facilitate software development services as well as web applications. In a scenario like this, keeping yourself updated with what’s the most popular programming languages/s is necessary for both the developers and businesses to build profitable solutions. Recently, coding bootcamp and career guidance website Coding Dojo released its list of 2018’s in-demand programming languages and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. Along with the list, we’ve also shared the links to hand-picked programming courses to supplement your learning. For example, today’s mobile app developers need to eventually make a shift from Java and Objective-C to Kotlin and Swift, respectively.

most popular coding languages 2018

If you’re new to the field of software development, the toughest part of learning programming is deciding where to begin. There are hundreds of programming languages in widespread use, each with its own complexities and idiosyncrasies. It would not be fair if I do not include the new future needs of programming languages. As I mentioned earlier in this article, Microsoft’s .NET Core will be a software development framework to keep an eye on in 2018 and beyond.

Is C++ Faster Than Python?

It’s the fastest-growing programming language, and Stack Overflow predicts that by 2019, Python will significantly outstrip other languages in terms of active developers. The language is also one of the easiest to learn, thanks to its high readability and simple syntax, according to WP Engine. Common job roles for Python developers are data engineer, full-stack developer, and software engineer. Developers remain among the most in-demand roles in the tech community, and those skilled in the right programming languages can command salaries of over $100,000. Similarly, polyglot programming and trends like microservices, containers, and orchestration continue to drive programming language choices for organizations, teams, and individual developers.

The programming language has retained its position as the most popular and utilized language for many good reasons. One of the most popular web programming languages, most popular coding languages 2018 Python, continues to be amongst the best contributors in the development world. So, it opens up innovations on an everyday basis to build something amazing.

#6: C#

This growing adoption and demand is reflected clearly in different lists of the popular programming languages. JavaScript, the grandfather of programming languages, is roughly as popular today as it was in our last blog post.

Is Python a dying language?

Originally Answered: Is Python a dying language? No. It is not dying.

And while they may never top the lists of the most popular programming languages, contenders ranging from Go to Elixir toJulia are leveraging their unique strengths to attract new devotees. One common way to measure a language’s popularity is to look at how many employers are asking for it. We looked at the job site Indeed, which analyzed U.S. job postings in the tech software category and identified which programming languages employers requested most frequently in mid 2018. We also checked out HackerRank’s online survey of 39,000 professional and student developers between October 16 and November 1, 2017.

Top 6 Emerging Programming Languages To Look For In The Future

JavaScript is used by more than80 percent of developers and by 95 percent of all websites for any dynamic logic on their pages. To accomplish that, we analyzed data from job website on 25 programming languages, stacks, and frameworks to determine the top seven most in-demand coding languages as we move into 2018. This analysis is based on the number of job postings for each language. Some languages like Swift and Ruby didn’t make the top seven because they have lower job demand, even though developers love them. You can read the results of similar analysis from 2016 and 2017 on our blog. Newer to the scene is Swift, a programming language used for developing iOS and Mac OS apps.

most popular coding languages 2018

The popularity of .NET Core is directly related to the use of C# language. Another trend promises to shake up the relative popularity of key programming languages.